Frequently Asked Questions

You must select your service then type post code to verify we cover that area, then fill out quote form, once it is done you will have the option to email the quote to any email address.

Our cleaning team will provide all equipment needed (chemicals, vacuum, mop, poles, ladders, buckets, machines etc) to carry out the service successfully.

Once you get the summary service quote, you will be able to book your service, you just have to fill out a couple of field (date, time, name, property address, email address, and phone number), then you must select the payment method, accept term and conditions and click on place order. Automatically you will receive an email confirming the order.

It depends on the service kind and size of the property; our platform calculates amount of time needed basis of characteristics of the property and service.

Please find below the average time for our most popular services

End of lease:

1bd: 2-7 hours 2 people working

2bd: 3-8 hours 2 people working

3bd: 4-10 hours 2 people working

Steam carpet cleaning

Steam carpet cleaning – domestic

1bd: 0-1.5 hours

2bd:0-2 hours

3bd:0-2.5 hours

Steam carpet cleaning – Commercial

0-100m²: 0-1.5 hours

100-200m²: 1-3 horas

200-300m²: 2-5

300-400m²: 3-6

General cleaning

General cleaning-Regular

1bd: 0-2 hours 2 people working

2bd: 1-3 hours 2 people working

3bd: 1.5-4 hours 2 people working

Advance Clean Up AU has 2 different payment methods:

Advance payments: Online payment using any card.

Payments on place: allow cash, transfer, online payment, IMPORTANT ALL THE PAYMENT MUST BE DONE BEFORE CLEANING TEAM FINISH.

Yes, booking rescheduling is available on the website. You have to login in your account and can reschedule the booking with prior notice of at least 24 hours before the service is to take place.

There is not any cancellation or reschedule fee with prior notice of at least 24 hours before the service is to take place otherwise it will incur in a cancelation fee of $40 dollars.

Customer service line at 0432544047

Monday-Friday: 7:00 am -6:00 pm

Saturday: 7:00 am-3:00pm

Payments on place are available on our platform. On the day of the service, you will receive a invoice which you can pay using different payment methods such as online payments, transfers, credit cards, and cash payments. It is secure, fast, and reliable.

Our system calculates number of members per job bases on service, size, and property details, however, must of our services are provided by team made up for 2 people + van + full equipment.

Client must give access to the cleaning team, once they are inside the property. It is the decision of clients if they want to stay there or not.

Advance clean Up-Au guarantee all the service provided. Each service has different guarantee timeline, please see the guarantee time for most popular services.

End of lease: 7 days

Steam carpet cleaning: 48 hours

Sofa/Mattress Upholstery: 48 hours

General cleaning-regular cleaning: 24 hours

General cleaning-Deep cleaning: 24 hours

Our Platform assume:

-You have to enter all the information correctly, with any additional service.

-property is under standard size and conditions.

Most of the time our platform is correct, however Advance Clean Up-AU reserve the right to alter the quotation on site if bedrooms (up to 14 m²), kitchen (up to 12 m²), living room (up to 16 m²) and bathrooms (up to 12m²) are larger than the average sizes.

Extremely dirty properties may incur an additional charge of 25% of the value of the service.

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