Why You Should Clean Your Rented Home Before Moving Out?

Moving out comes with a set of responsibilities because your landlord would obviously want someone new to occupy the residence after you’re gone. You don’t have to remodel the place but you would be required to keep it neat and clean. Whether you get an end of lease cleaning service or do the cleaning yourself, you will have to make sure that the place is tidied for the new tenants. Here are a few reasons why cleaning before moving out is necessary:

End of Lease Cleaning Service

When you move out without getting done with the moving out cleaning tasks, you may end up with a delay in getting your security money back. This can be problematic because until your landlord inspects the home and is okay with the living conditions, he might not write a check or transfer the security deposit that you probably need for your new home.

If you don’t clean your rented place before moving out, you might end up paying the money that the landlord will charge for availing a cleaning service. Now, he may even charge a lot more than required, but in the end, you can’t complain because you didn’t manage the cleaning task yourself.

Your lease or rental agreement could state that while moving out if your landlord detects the need for cleaning and maintenance work, he can deduct the money required for the same from your security deposit. This can be a bummer for sure, especially because you would ultimately be looking forward to using the deposit amount for your new residence.

Finding services for end of lease cleaning in Waterloo or anywhere else isn’t as big of a nuisance, as you think. There are many credible businesses in this domain like Advance Clean Up AU, who would be happy to help you out. Ultimately it’s a great idea and you won’t regret investing your money and time in this task. Your landlord would be happy to process the deposit and help out in other ways if your rented place is all tidied up before you move out.

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